Hi there and welcome to my family history blog and website,

As my first post, I should probably give a little background on where my journey into our family history journey started.

In the 80’s Mum spent many hours trawling through old records and microfiche for birth certificates and census records….something we can do now in minutes on the various genealogy websites! So, on her side (Moore’s) we had made quite a start to the family history.  In recent years my sister Victoria uploaded it all to ancestry.com.au and expanded many lines of research.  Mum is now semi-retired and so she is going back and digging a little deeper at some of the family mysteries (Are we really related to Governor Franklin? Is there any truth to that old family tree for the Youngs?) This side of the family I will leave to Mum and Victoria to research but from time to time I may mention it on here.

My father’s side – the Scott’s, is where I have focused my energy.  When I started out about 10 years ago we knew both a lot…and very little.

My Grandad (John Scott) was a child migrant sent from Scotland to Australia as a young ‘orphan’ boy.  In the 1980’s my Uncle Gary had tracked down Johns mother (still alive)  in Scotland, we knew nothing more.  John even managed to go back to Scotland and meet his Mum.  But she died shortly after and never spoke to Grandad about her family (she barely even acknowledged him as her son).  So she took any knowledge of his ancestry with her to the grave.  But more on that later….

On my Grannys side (Marion Scott nee Edgecombe), her mother died at a young age and so we really only knew of her father’s side – the Edgecombe’s.  Marion’s brother, Uncle Jim, (Jim Edgecombe) researched the Edgecombe family quite extensively many years ago.  My Granny was close to her ‘Granny Edgecombe’ and remembers a lot of the family history as well.  Although the family had moved to Australia in the 1920’s, there was still contact with Edgecombe family left behind in the UK.  I have not really looked at this side of the family at all, to be honest.  Uncle Jim did a great job.  Maybe one day I can add to it with some of the verbal history that Granny has told me.  Instead, I focused my attention on my Grandfathers maternal line – the Scott’s, and my Grandmother’s maternal line – the Davies.

I should say that I am in no way an expert at this type of things…even after all these years!  I don’t know how to properly record the names in that fancy numbered way real genealogists do.  I don’t know all the parishes and registers and districts.  I’m no social history expert either…particularly of the UK.  But through this blog I hope to share some of the things I learn along the way.