Well it’s been a little while between posts…longer than I’d hoped.  But I haven’t just been lazing about (well not too much).

One change that not many would notice really, is that I have moved the blog from being a wordpress blog (www.thescottsisters.wordpress.com) to a ‘proper’ hosted website (www.thescottsisters.co.uk).  I now have a little more control over the site (I hope!) but can use the great Wordpress software to customize, add media, blogs, and extra pages.

And speaking of extra pages, perhaps the most significant change is the change in focus from being just about my paternal line, but also including my maternal line too.  I originally started this whole blog adventure, to let Dad’s family in Australia know about my finds when I moved to the UK in 2014. Previously we’d gather for dinner, cider and a (roudy) game of cards at my Grannys house. I do miss those family nights, but a blog is the way to go now.  And now that I have spent the time setting this site up, I thought why would I leave out half of my ancestry!?

So what tales does Mum’s side of the family bring you ask? Well if we were ever going to have family silver it would be in Mums family.  We have a family painting in a fancy frame brought all the way from the UK to Australia, and an (unverified) family chart for suggesting connections to royalty.  And then there is the whole question of connections to famous Australian explorers, Arctic explorers, and Navy heros.  But all that comes to nought if recent DNA test results are to be believed…..

Mum and one of my sisters are currently working their way through that minefield of family drama.  And in time I hope to fill you in with some tales from the other side (of the family).