Growing up I loved my ‘Plain’ Granny (Marion Scott nee Edgecombe) and Great-Granny (Nancy Edgecombe nee Steele).  There has always been a loving extended family to fall back on for much needed cuddles.  But until Uncle Gary (Scott) started the search for Grandad’s family (John Scott) and I started on this search, the Edgecombe side of the family was really all we knew beyond the current generations.

And there was a reason for that.  There are things that happen in previous generations that simply aren’t talked about at the time.  But I guess by the time I was in my teens, and Dad and his siblings were in their 30’s and 40’s, that enough water had traveled under the bridge for the family to talk a little more about what was and wasn’t known of previous generations.  For both sides of the family there were things that just weren’t discussed – Grandad being a child migrant for example, and then the stunning news that my beloved Great-Granny was my ‘step’ great-granny!  So what did we know…..

See the John Scott page for what we started with and Marion Edgecombe to follow….