As most of you know, I have been ‘doing’ my family history for quite a while now. When I first started looking at it, there were not too many people my age who were into it and so I didn’t talk about it too much.

But now when I talk about it I find a lot of people are interested; and it’s not just the old maids like me but ones much younger than me too.

To my mind, there is a bit of a shift from family history as a hobby just for the old folk; to now people of all ages and backgrounds are interested.

I think a lot of it is down to the large commercial companies, TV shows, and DNA testing – people are either thinking of taking a test but aren’t sure, or have taken the test and have no idea what it all means.

So I am asking for your help to be my guinea pigs….my test samples….to see if there is a way I can help people on their journey. Maybe this will just mean more specific blog posts, or maybe I’ll write a short e-book, or maybe one day I can do the research for people, or maybe I’ll just happily keep on researching my own family as I have been doing for years now.

If you have 4 minutes, I would love it if you could complete the following survey…

Thank you! xo