Early years

Annie Marion Buckingham was born 11 September 1873 in Plymouth, Devon (UK) to Joseph and Amanda (or Minda) Buckingham. After that, I have no idea….yet.

From unconfirmed sources it seems that Annie had one older brother and two or three younger brothers.  But so far I haven’t been able to find any record of the family in the census records of the time.  At some point though, Annie moved to London as she once told Granny (Marion Edgecombe) that she had worked in a big house in London in service.


Annies parents, Joseph Buckingham and Amanda (Minda) Ley were married 21 January 1873.  They were living at 20 Curtis Street Plymouth and Joseph was a chimney sweep.

Amanda (Minda) Malvena Ley, was possibly born around 1854 to Nicholas Ley and Jane Norman.  It seems that she died in 1894 when her youngest child was possibly around 14.  When she died, her husband Joseph Buckingham was already dead.  How the children fared – as orphans in the 1890’s, is anyone’s guess.  No doubt in my search I will find tales of woe and poverty and the workhouse, rather than adoption and manor houses. But this might also explain why I can’t find records of the family as yet.

Joseph Buckingham’s father was Adam Buckingham, a weaver. As with Minda’s family, I am still trying to confirm the sources, but I believe that Josephs mother was possibly Martha Randle.

Marriage and a family

Although living in London, by 1894 Annie is back again in Devon where she marries John Samuel Edgecombe on 22 February 1894.  This is only the second formal record I have for Annie so far – the first being her birth certificate.

Annie and Samuel have 10 children – Minda, John (Jack), Ralph, Henry (Harry), George, Edmund (Ted), Gertrude (May), Mary (Ena), Frederick (Fred), and little Marion.  Annie’s husband, Samuel, was a Coastguard for about 10 years from 1900 and so 5 of the children were born in Ireland.   Then in the mid 1920’s the family move to Australia leaving the three oldest – Minda, Jack and Ralph behind.  To my knowledge, Annie never made it back to the UK and so it is sad that half of that family didn’t get to know her, while it seems she was a central figure in Australia for the rest of the family.

Here is a sketchy family tree to date.

Annies family tree v3