Although I have a day job, by night I can be found hunched over a glowing computer screen searching (in vain) for royal ancestors and the family silver. Instead so far I have found illegitimacy and ‘ag labs’.  Despite their humble origins they are still a crucial part of my families story and one that is repeated time and again for many other families. And actually, sometimes their humble story turns out to be anything but ordinary.

There are no literary genius’ in the family (trust me – I’ve looked!), and so I don’t expect this blog to become the next big thing.  But my hope is that this will be an easy way of communicating my finds and stories with family far and wide, and  perhaps be an interesting read for others who, like me, love family history.

If you come across any typo’s or errors, think we’re related, or you have a great idea on a ‘brick wall’ then please get in touch.  The best way is via email at