Hi there! My name is Sandy and welcome to my little website about family history.

Things are looking a little bare on here at the moment and you might notice a few differences if you’ve visited before. I have made some changes to the website and my blog; and over the coming months, you will be excited to know that I will be updating my services, adding new tales of my researching adventures, and adding tips and resources to help you on your own family history adventure.

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Surnames in my family history

If you think we are related and want to get in contact with me I’d love to hear from you. Please use the contact form and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can.

These are the names that currently have my interest…

  • Anderson (Denmark and Torres Strait)
  • Buckingham (initially from Devon but also Coventry),
  • Christoffersen (Denmark and Torres Strait),
  • Damyon (Essex),
  • De Rome (NSW Australia, UK),
  • Duncan (Glasgow area),
  • Edgecombe (South Milton, Devon),
  • Fergusson (Middlesex/London),
  • Franklin (Middlesex/London),
  • Ley (unknown, possibly Devon?),
  • Morgan (unknown, possibly Essex? or East London),
  • Scott (Glasgow area),
  • Siddall (Sheffield),
  • Snodgrass (Australia and UK),
  • Tampion (Essex), and
  • Wiggetts (Scotland).