the scott sisters

Family history from the UK to Australia...and back again
the scott sisters

the scott sisters

Family history from the UK to Australia...and back again




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Are you interested in knowing more about your family history and genealogy?

Perhaps you are curious about your roots…your heritage – but you don’t know where to start?

Have you taken a DNA test and thought “Now what!?”

Or maybe you are an experienced researcher but you live too far from the archives you need to access and continue your research.

No matter the problem, The Scott Sisters are here to help. The Scott Sisters is a research company based in the UK. Sandy offers a range of services to help you research one or more lines of your family tree in the UK back to the early 1800’s or further.

Having grown up in Australia and researched her own UK family history from afar, Sandy knows only too well the ‘tyranny of distance’ when it comes to accessing records. The frustration of knowing the key to unlocking a brick wall in your research lies thousands of miles away. Sandy now lives in London with easy access to all the major UK archives as well as many local and regional archives making her perfectly situated to help you with those elusive resources not available online.

For a full list of services please check out the services page or fill in the contact form and Sandy will be in touch.

Sandy is active on Instagram and Twitter, so I encourage you to follow The Scott Sisters there (links below) and sign up to my email newsletter.