My name is Sandy and welcome to my little website.  I grew up in Australia, happily avoiding brown snakes, sharks and sunburn – an idylic childhood living in Sydney as well as coastal and country NSW.  I’ve moved more times than I care to think, my Grandad even called me a gypsy…which was a bit rough coming from him of all people! But I think he was perhaps just a little jealous.  In early 2014 I moved to London where I now live with my extended family. A reverse migration if you like. (Hence the title of my blog)

In our family there have been quite a few mysteries to solve and I do love a good mystery.  Perhaps this all started as my own real life ‘Agatha Christie’!  Did Grandad Edgecombe encounter smugglers?  Is the explorer Franklin really our ancestor?  Who really was Elsie May’s mother?  Did Lydia really drown in the bath or was their something more sinister?

These mysteries aside (all will be revealed in time), there are also a few striking family resemblances.  I take after my dear Granny (Dads mum) in a way that amazes even the two of us, and if i’m honest, perhaps scares me a little too! Our mannerisms and gestures, even our hands are all so alike!  And my sister Victoria takes after our Mum in a way that is equally amazing – photos of them at the same age are so similar it’s uncanny and both are often asked if their ancestry is Chinese? Italian? Spanish? More recently we have used DNA to totally dispell all these theories on our families origins. And so I wonder – how much of us is nature and how much is nurture? I have no idea….but either way exploring your family history is fascinating.

Please have a look around at my blog, sign up for updates. I have a section on our families DNA in the bit’s n bob’s section. Over time I also plan to add details about the various branches of the family; and also the places, occupations, and social history of our ancestors.  If you notice a typo, or have an idea for a problem, or perhaps think we are related, then please feel free to email me.


Surnames I am currently researching in my family history:

  • Anderson (Denmark and Torres Strait)
  • Buckingham (initially from Devon but also Coventry),
  • Christoffersen (Denmark and Torres Strait),
  • Damyon (Essex),
  • De Rome (NSW Australia, UK),
  • Duncan (Glasgow area),
  • Edgecombe (South Milton, Devon),
  • Fergusson (Middlesex/London),
  • Franklin (Middlesex/London),
  • Ley (unknown, possibly Devon?),
  • Morgan (unknown, possibly Essex? or East London),
  • Scott (Glasgow area),
  • Siddall (Sheffield),
  • Snodgrass (Australia and UK),
  • Tampion (Essex), and
  • Wiggetts (Scotland).