So now I am going to be a little naughty.  Instead of following the story generation by generation, I’m going to pop ahead a bit to the Buckingham family.  The reason is that they are my current project because my Granny wanted to find out more about her own Granny.

As I’ve mentioned before, at age 11 Granny (Marion Scott nee Edgecombe) experienced the sad early loss of her mother (Elsie Davis).  She and her brother and sisters spent the next few years living with their fathers family and developed a close relationship with her fathers mother – Granny Edgecombe (real name Marion Edgecombe nee Buckingham).  Oh and despite the similarity in the name, she wasn’t directly named after her own Granny either….but that’s a story for another day!

It seems that they already were a close family unit – understandable since they had all migrated together from the UK in 1924/25.  Granny recalls living with ‘Granny and Grandad Edgecombe’ at Flushcombe Road Blacktown, (Sydney) in the mid 30’s when her sister Hazel was born.

So in 1944, when tragedy struck the family with the death of Elsie, at least there was a certain familiarity to fall back on.  But by this time Granny Edgecombe was in her early 70’s though, and had bad knees (I was doomed to have bad knees on all genetic fronts!).  So at 11 years old, Marion became the legs for her own Granny and helped cooking in the kitchen.

Granny remembers

“Aunty Ena and Uncle Ronnie Neeves were living with Granny and Grandad when we went there to live but they soon moved out.  Aunty May lived in the next street and she came up and did the washing and cleaning and was paid out of Dad’s wages.  Granny did the cooking and I helped her.  I was her legs and had to fetch and carry for her.  We muddled along but it was no fun time.”

I imagine by this time that Granny Edgecombe was expecting life to be a bit easier, but instead she found herself caring for a grieving son and 4 young children aged 11, 8, 5 and an infant.  As Granny says it ‘was no fun time’.  Everyone’s lives were thrown into turmoil and on top of that was the emotional loss of a mother, wife and daughter-inlaw.

And so who was this ‘Granny Edgecombe’ who stepped in and cared for the children?

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