And so to the other half of the Scott family story….

Granny (Marion Edgecombe) grew up in Sydney surrounded by a loving extended family of aunties and uncles.  In turn, growing up I would hear about ‘Grandad and Granny Davies’ and ‘Grandad and Granny Edgecombe’ and Aunty Ena and Uncle Ted and….well you get the idea.  Then one day I was told that my great-granny (Nancy Edgecombe) was actually my ‘step’ great-granny.  I loved Great-Granny dearly but it made me wonder who my ‘real’ Great-Granny was and why she wasn’t a part of our lives.  Eventually I was told of her (Elsie May Davies) early death and how her husband (Henry George Edgecombe) had later married Nancy.

In 1944 Elsie May died leaving four young children in the care of her devastated husband Henry.  Marion remembers her father, Henry, spending the nights walking the streets no doubt struggling to understand what had happened and worrying about his young family.

His wife, Elsie May Davis, was raised in the care of foster parents Maggie and Maurice (or Morris) Davies – known as Grandma and Grandpa Davies.  They remained part of the families life after her death and so it seems they were more than a temporary foster family.    However, the extended Edgecombe family really rallied around and supported Henry and his four small children.  Marion speaks fondly of her early years spent with Granny Edgecombe (Annie Marion Buckingham) and being looked after by her Aunties & Uncles.  Being raised by an extended family may seem like a romantic notion but looking at it now, the kindness of the family undoubtedly helped Henry and the children through the tragedy of a mothers death and saw to it that things didn’t turn out far differently for our family.  Other families in a similar situation at the time would have seen all the children placed into care.

It is also for this reason that we know much more of the Edgecombe side than the Davies side.

And here my journey began….see Marion Edgecombe and the beginning of the family tree.  See my previous post on John Scott and the link to his page.